Welcome to the homepage of the Way of Renewal in Balatonszárszó

The 500 years anniversary of the lutheran Reformation has led many settlements around the world to make a lasting memory for the celebration of this remarkable anniversary. Statues, squares and parks have been established all over Hungary. Churches and schools have been renewed, and many events, lectures and exhibitions have been organized by our communities regarding the memory of our faithful predecessors.
The local government of Balatonszarszó together with churches and communities set the goal of creating a jubilee walkway. The thematic walkway was named the "Way of Renewal". In the center of the town, anyone can walk the 10 stations in 1-1.5 hours. Placards are placed at each stop and the most remarkable achievements of Reformation and their effects on today's lives can be read – translation to English can be loaded from the homepage by QR codes. In addition to the placards, there are benches where tired wanderers can rest, think, remember, and get inspiration to renew their personal lives.
We wish that this mini-pilgrimage should provide a spiritual memorial for everyone to take home from Balatonszárszó. We call Protestants and Catholics, believers and non-believers, Hungarian and foreign visitors to walk through and enjoy the Way of Renewal.


1.  The Way of Renewal
2.  Ecclesia semper reformanda
3.  Scripture is available
4.  Marriage, family
5.  Community – responsibility
6.  Creative knowledge
7.  Restart every day
8.  Church Buildings
9.  Human and nature
10.  Christian culture